Collection: VITAMIN AIR

LUVV Air was created to support you at every stage of your wellness journey. Need a boost of energy; to ease daily stress?

We’ve got you covered and everything else in between. Our nicotine-free, vitamin-infused formulas are 3rd party tested to ensure safety and dependability.  

Our unique blends are bursting with natural flavors to deliver beneficial ingredients through inhalable vapor. Let LUVV Air be your go-to way to chill out, perk up, and revitalize your day.

LUVV Air is a product collection made by LUVV Labs. The LUVV Air formulas are available in disposable inhalers and pods.

We don’t use the word ‘vape’ at all when presenting LUVV Air products. Alternate terms are ‘inhaler’ or ‘diffuser’ or in some cases ‘vaporizer’. But we want to distinguish ourselves from the mass market ‘vape’ industry.